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Really nice endgrain board made from reclaimed hardwood timbers.

Finished with board oil and recessed rubber feet for sliding free cutting.





All hand made and with this we do get the occasional issues from gluing or routing, in this case this board isn’t as perfect as I’d like, the juice grooves have overrun in the corners due to my stupidly missing my marks, very frustrating!. One section I feel I need to mention also didn’t quite pull closed during gluing, it’s so minor I know it’s there but just to keep things honest I feel I need to mention it. None of which detract from its beauty or practicality of its use!..

Massively discounted due to this!!!!!

510 x 320 x 45mm

Large End Grain Chopping Board (not perfect)

£149.99 Regular Price
£75.00Sale Price
  • if you fancy any of our sold boards please feel free to get in touch as we will be happy to do a special order to your own specs.

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